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Plastic rivet fasteners have numerous applications and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and configurations to accommodate different materials and panel dimensions. Some widely used applications include children's products, furniture, partitions, computers, business machines, appliances, electronics, point of purchase displays, construction, and recreational vehicles.

Plasti-Rivets® 3-4 Prong
These push-in non-removable rivets are offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate different materials and panel thickness. Tapered prongs snap positively into fastening hole and respond to hold securely as pin is driven. Head styles include round, special round, binder, panel and truss.
Plasti-Rivets® 2-Prong
Plasti-Rivets are used in non-removable applications. They are designed to be installed from one side for ease of application.
Mini Pro-Lok Rivet Fastener
The mini Pro-Lok Rivet is ideal for applications where the rivet's appearance is important. The smooth oversized head has a contoured polished surface giving it a finished look. Insertion is by hand, simply press and lock into place. The Pro-Lok is ideal for restricted areas such as electronic applications.
Tuflok® Fastener
The Tuflok® is a one-piece fastener with a pre-driven pin that is quickly installed by hand or with automatic equipment. It is ideally suited for any application requiring a front mount, removable, reusable push-type plastic rivet where a dependable vibration-resistant panel fastener is essential.
Screw Type Tuflok® Fastener
This variation of the TufLok® allows the fastener to be inserted by pushing in the pin and removed by unscrewing it. The screw type Tuflok® is available in a wide variety of panel thickness hole sizes and head configurations.
Micro Tuflok® Rivet
This one-piece fastener is ideally suited for fastening electronic components to printed circuit boards, mounting cooling fans to computer chassis / electrical boxes and finger guards to cooling fans. Molded in a durable, heat stabilized, impact modified nylon material, this unique design allows the part to draw panels together as a screw would, and hold the panels tightly to each other.

R-Lok® Plastic Expansion Rivet
This unique device is a one-piece, all plastic expansion rivet designed to securely fasten a wide variety of materials in a broad range of applications. The R-Lok quickly inserts from either side of the assembly and can be used with most standard pop rivet setting tools. As the tool pulls the pin through the body, it draws the panels together. When set, the pin breaks off even with the head, leaving an attractive, finished appearance. It is particularly effective for soft materials such as rubber, urethane or padded fabrics.
R-Tite Rivet-Two Piece
The unique, two piece R-Tite design provides a controlled grip range through a built-in stop on the rivet body. R-Tite rivets can be used with most standard pop-rivet setting tools. The pin breaks off when it is even with the head, providing a finished appearance on both sides of a panel.
Ratchet Rivet Fastener
Ratchet rivets consist of one part number that mates with itself to securely connect flat panels. They are ideal for both rigid and compressible materials where a finished head is required on both sides.
Snap Rivets
These snap rivets have two mating parts that securely connect flat panels together. They are ideal for both rigid and compressible materials where a finished head is required on both sides.
Ratchet Screw Fasteners
The ratchet/screw fastener features a clear body and nut molded as one piece for easy handling. The removable, easy-grip nut ratchets or screws on, realigning with a simple ¼ turn if necessary. The nut's flat face distributes the load against the backside of the panel for increased load ability in corrugated applications. It is molded from Clear UV stable polycarbonate for strength and low profile appearance. Patented product.

Clear Snap Rivets
ITW Fastex® announces a clear solution to your fastening needs. Our new clear snap rivets offer a secure fastening method that will not block your design! These clear snap rivets are ideal for whenever the design elements must show through the fastener.

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