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Testing Procedure:
Performed on a Tinius Olsen 5000 Tensile Tester with a 5000 lb. transducer. The component leads are cut so that they will not be a factor. A two inch machinist clamp is attached to the component directly above the Micro-Tuflok. The PC Board is then placed on a block while the clamp slides onto a hook on the Tinius Olsen. The PC Board is secured to the block. Tension force is then applied at a rate of 1.50 inch/minute. The peak force and the conditions at which the peak force was encountered are recorded. The data listed below determines that the pull-out force of the Micro-Tuflok is approximately 50 to 60 lbs. and does not degrade after exposure to the wave soldering process.

Micro-Tufloks not wave soldered.
Board 1 53 lbs. Component Broke
Board 2 54 lbs. Clamp released board re-tested
  56 lbs. Micro-Tuflok pulled out

Micro-Tufloks wave soldered twice.
Board 1 60 lbs. Micro-Tuflok pulled-out
Board 2 50 lbs. Clamp released
Board 3 45 lbs. Part bent up then clamp released
Board 4 43 lbs. Clamp released part re-tested
  44 lbs. Component broke
Board 5 46 lbs. Clamp released part re-tested
  49 lbs. Micro-Tuflok pulled-out
Board 7 60 lbs. Micro-Tuflok pulled-out


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